Ramadhan 2021/1442AH

Hello everyone! Ramadhan is right around the corner and to celebrate this, we have launched a new limited-time Ramadhan menu, with higher-calorie, more sustainable foods to keep you filled for longer.

There are many more nutrient-dense ingredients included in these new options —like dates, which are a staple food during Ramadhan and a great source of energy and fibre— carefully planned out to keep you going during the fasting period.

Muslims fast during Ramadhan for the spiritual and health benefits but fasting is becoming more and more common in the health and fitness industry, with methods like intermittent fasting growing more popular among us. Fasting can support fat loss, reduce inflammation, and protect the body from certain chronic and metabolic diseases. Many have found it’s also a great time to drop bad habits like smoking from the gradual abstinence while fasting and it’s also been proven that stress decreased greatly while fasting due to the reductions of specific hormones. For more information on the health benefits of fasting, please see this article.

We’re using plenty of nourishing ingredients such as fish, which is high in protein and vitamins, and rice, which regulates blood sugar levels and provides a good source of energy. There is pomegranate in our fruit chatts which act as an antioxidant and is high in vitamins and folic acid. We have thought through each dish very carefully to make it the best option possible to help support you and your goals while fasting.

Finally, to celebrate the release of this new menu, we’re excited to offer you a discount for your first order. Use the code SNFAST1442 to get 15% off!

Ramadhan Mubarak from the team at Shahed’s Nutrition.