About Us

Welcome to Shahed’s Nutrition, where you can order freshly prepared meals delivered or collected from our store.

From humble beginnings, Shahed’s Original first opened its doors in 1974 founded by Mr Khan. Years later, this family-run takeaway was passed onto Mr Khan’s son carrying on his leadership and passion for serving authentic cuisine.

Since then Shahed’s has flourished and continues to be a pillar of the Glasgow Southside community. Located on the bustling stretch of Pollokshaws Road, our staff are proud to prepare and serve fresh dishes for all our customers. Locals pop in for their regular weekly orders, family meals, and catering for special occasions. Over the years, Shahed’s has built a longstanding relationship with customers rooted in trust that Shahed’s offers delicious, homemade cuisine.

Shahed’s has diversified their delicious cuisine to meet the growing needs of the health and fitness community, by offering freshly prepared meals designed to help you on your fitness journey. The idea of meal prep has become more popular in recent years enabling people to harmonise their diet and fitness goals. With 46 years of experience grilling, baking, and sizzling, meal prep just got a whole lot tastier! Shahed’s individually portioned meals state the calorie and nutritional information to help you increase, decrease, or manage your intake. Using fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich foods and meats, the meals cater to your individual routine and needs. Shahed’s Nutrition prepared meals turn the chore of dieting into a pleasurable, easy, and nutritious experience, full of variety.

Meal prep takes the stress out of planning, shopping, counting calories, and preparing meals, making it easier to achieve your fitness goals. Pre-prepared meals allow you to control your calorie intake helping you implement a calorie surplus for bulking, or calorie deficit for weight loss. With Shahed’s Nutrition prepared meals full of flavour and spice, you will never be tempted to “cheat.” From gaining muscle, losing weight, or simply following a healthier lifestyle, Shahed’s Nutrition is the most convenient and delicious way to achieve results.